About Us

The California Welfare Fraud Investigator’s Association (CWFIA) is a non-profit professional organization, of individuals who are employed as Welfare Fraud Investigators, or in other positions whose primary duty is dealing with fraud in public assistance programs.

Incorporated in 1972, this organization was founded to provide a forum for these professionals to communicate and work together towards common goals. The most important goal being, to assure that welfare fraud is detected, prevented, and/or prosecuted in order to maintain program integrity in public assistance programs. CWFIA has had an active role in developing, supporting and promoting, state legislation that has been imperative to doing just that.

An annual conference was established to provide training specific to welfare fraud investigations. The first attendees paying a registration fee of $3.00! Although the cost is a bit higher today, it is well worth the fee. The Annual CWFIA Conference continues to provide valuable training and essential information in the field of welfare fraud as well as other related subjects. The annual conference also provides an opportunity for networking and communicating, not only across the State of California from county to county, but across the Nation.

CWFIA continues to have a voice in state legislation. State legislation effecting public assistance programs, is closely monitored, and our members are kept up to date with the latest information. The association also works closely with the California Department of Social Services Fraud Bureau, advising and providing information which assists in the development of policy, plans, and changes having an effect on public assistance program integrity statewide.

Today, with 350 plus members, we continue to work towards the same ideals and goals as those who originally founded this organization. Please take a moment to read CWFIA Historical Accomplishments, written by past CWFIA President Bob Meador. This history of our organization, highlighting some of our most important accomplishments, provides a clear understanding of our purpose, and explains exactly what CWFIA is all about.