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We at CWFIA have been at the forefront of fighting welfare fraud and abuse for over 50 years. No other organization which fights against welfare fraud has the tenure and tenacity to make this bold statement.

Our focus is two-fold:
To keep program integrity within the welfare system so that the monies from America’s hard-working citizens are directed to the actual people who qualify for the program To ensure welfare policies are written so they do not allow the invitation to commit fraud or to ensnare the innocent citizen into the criminal justice system.

CWFIA is looking for like-minded people and organizations who want to support us because our goals resonate with their core beliefs. We are non-partisan because our basic principle, tenet, and ideology should appeal to all citizens. If you like the principles that guide us, please consider supporting us with a donation. It will help us stay independent and true to our values. We are literally one of the few organizations which are pushing the USDA and State social service agencies to protect the citizen’s monies.

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship
  • Quarterly newsletters which bring you a truthful view within the world of welfare fraud and the issues facing fraud investigators. The newsletter also updates our efforts as an organization.
  • The Sponsor’s name displayed on our member’s only website along with a link to their company’s home page (if so desired).
  • The Sponsor’s name prominently displayed at our annual training conference.
  • Free speaker fees for corporate business functions or engagements.
  • Donations may be tax deductible (CWFIA is a 501(c)(6) membership based non-profit).
  • Access to the National Outreach Chairman to discuss issues and opinions on upcoming or current issues.
Sponsorship Options
  • Newsletter
  • Newsletter
  • Name displayed on website
  • Newsletter
  • Name displayed on website
  • Free speaker fees
  • Name displayed at annual training conference
Donation Methods
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CWFIA P.O. Box 272, Mentone, CA 92359

What Next?
Once we’ve confirmed your donation, we will respond via email to confirm your donation has been received.
Tax Information

We are a 501 (c)(6) tax exempt organization. Donations to CWFIA can be qualified as sponsorship payments. Please refer to the below shortcut provided by the IRS and consult with your tax accountant if you have any questions regarding utilizing a donation as a tax deduction.

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